Who Are We?

Prairie people are interesting folk:

We’re stubbornly independent but believe in co-operation.
We value community AND our individuality.
We’re people of faith, if only in “next year.”
We embrace modernity and follow tradition.
We’re people of habit who love to innovate.
We are people of the soil who are always searching for water.
We are hard-working, no-nonsense people who let their hair down and party like there’s no tomorrow.
We are fatalists and yet we live in hope.

These values sustained my parents and grandparents through a hundred years of farming. Even though I have lived in cities all my adult life, their values are still my values – I remain at heart a farm girl from Saskatchewan.

The aim of my writing is to explore and reflect those values that have guided  me through good times and bad.

Please join me on the journey.

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