The New House


(In 1917, my grandfather, Abe Hanna, moved the homestead one mile across the section to just north of the village of Meyronne, SK. There, he built a new house and barn. Here’s how Abe recorded the move in his diary.)

June 27: Commenced digging new cellar

July 11: Dug out foundation for barn

July 18: Commenced putting in concrete for cellar wall

July 28: Put in cement foundation for barn

August 3: Put cement floor in cellar in pm

August 6: Messrs Leadly and Hisey with four men commenced building barn

August 7: Put curbing in well in am. Carpenters commenced raising framework of barn at 10:30

September 10: Put in [barn] cement floor in am [this went on for several days]

September 29: Carpenters arrived with tools at 9 pm

October 1: Carpenters commenced building kitchen

October 8: Norman Hisey finished putting up partitions in house

October 12: Mr. Elmore electric wired house

October 22: Messrs Bozzell and Sheffler arrived in pm to plaster house

October 23: Mr. Bozzell erected chimney at house

November 1: Fenced barn yard put in gate posts, digging cellar for old house

November 3: Jacked [old] house up in am. Moved house on cellar in pm. Cut door to new kitchen

November 15: Carpenters finished barn

November 19: Dug up plants and fruit bushes in old garden. Planted same in new garden in pm

November 27: made stand for chimney in bedroom

December 8: Put cattle in new barn and hens in old stable

December 24: Set up table and chairs, moved beds and dresser upstairs.

Addie’s version of the move is in Chapter 12, A New House, in “Our Bull’s Loose in Town!” Tales from the Homestead, published by Books We Love

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One thought on “The New House

  1. Sharon Tokar

    Thanks for sharing, Margaret I did enjoy it all. My Mom was born on the farm north of Norquay and lived in Hyas. So I ‘get’ the small town thing. Loved my years in S’toon. Miss the prairies.


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