The Great Adventure

The author and her city cousins, having fun down on the farm

Mommy Daddy guess what I did at Nana’s and Bunka’s I held a baby chick it was so soft and fuzzy not like the plastic chick in my Easter basket but it pecked my hand and it hurt so I dropped it and it ran away and then I helped Nana pick up eggs from the big hen house and she told me that baby chicks come out of eggs but she’s teasing isn’t she Mommy cause I’ve seen you crack eggs and nothing comes out but eggs and then Uncle Peter took me to the pig pen and the pigs are so big but one was a mother with baby pigs that wouldn’t stop squealing Uncle Peter held me so that I could scratch the pig’s ear a mother pig is called a sow did you know that Daddy and then I went with Bunka to the barn and he milked the cows yuck milk comes out of a bag under the cow I don’t know if I’ll drink milk again but I helped Bunka pour some milk into a pan for the barn kitties and all they did was spit and hiss and run away when I tried to pet them why would they do that Mommy I had fun can I visit Nana and Bunka again soon?


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