They left her in the bleakest months,
the months of darkness and cold
when earth was dead and rock-hard.

Earth mined out with fire and pick-axe,
leaving a hole like the one in her life,
grudgingly yielding frozen clods
like the one where her heart should be.

Cold promises of heaven and resurrection
spoken on this little hillside,
this little Golgotha,
could not dispel looming loneliness,
days and nights now to be spent alone,
dreams forever unrealized.

Embraces could not console her.
Soft words could not dispel her grief.

Daughter put her arm around her.
She did not move.
She left.
Her body left,
but her heart remained behind in the cold hard ground.

#Bereavement #Grief #Mourning #MargaretGHanna #Poetry

4 thoughts on “Loss

  1. harryjackson40

    Hello Margaret, That’s a very thoughtful poem. Thanks for sharing. We’re having a foggy day today with hoarfrost. Hope the frost doesn’t bring down any power lines as it did a week ago in Saskatchewan. Harry is working this week at the crematorium. I’ve made chicken salad sandwiches for our lunch, thanks to Cathie and Marty’s leftover chicken that Marty dropped off this morning on his way to work. Hope all is well with you and wishing you all the blessings of the season.

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