My Forever Valentine

PressedFlowerPaul’s arthritic fingers slowly untied the frayed ribbon around the box. He lifted the lid and peered at the contents. A lifetime of love and laughter captured in letters and cards. A pressed flower, a dog-eared photograph. On top, a tattered paper valentine inscribed in a childish hand, “To my forever valentine. Adele.”

He was 8 years old when she gave it to him. He was horrified – girls had cooties! Twelve years later they were married. Sixty-some years together, contained in that box.

He heard footsteps behind him. “Dad? You ready? The car from the funeral home is here.”


(my response to another 99 word challenge from The Carrot Ranch — check it out if you are in need of inspiration.)

#99WordChallenge #Valentine #Memories #Loss #MargaretGHanna

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