Can’t-Think-of-Anything-to-Write Rant

Can’t write!
Nothing to write about!
No way, Jose.
My pen’s out of ink.
I have no paper,
I have no pencil.
My computer’s broke,
My brain is broke,
So there!

Can’t manage a single original thought
or even an unoriginal thought.

Can’t think of anything witty
not that I ever did.

Or anything stupid,
although I’m able to at other times.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll think of something to write.
But not today.

(Recently, I seem to be afflicted by “writer’s block.” If I can’t think of anything to write about, then I might was well write about not being able to think of anything to write about. Or something.)

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The History of the Hanna Farm, Conclusion

The Torch is Passed on

As I was growing up, I was vaguely aware that Grandma Hanna owned part of the farm and eventually Dad bought that part from her. But how did that happen? And when? Once again, Grandma’s treasure chest to the rescue.

No copy of Abe’s will – if he had one – exists. If he had none, then by virtue of dower rights, Addie – Grandma Hanna – would have received one-third of the farm and the remainder would have gone to Garnet, my Dad, once he came of age as he was barely 17 when his father died. However, surviving documents imply that Abe did have a will by which Grandma Hanna became owner of the South half of 25-8-7-W3 and South half of 26-8-7-W3, in other words, almost half of the farm. Continue reading “The History of the Hanna Farm, Conclusion”

The History of the Hanna Farm, Part 3

Abe Adds Bits and Pieces

Legal Subdivision 4, SW-25:

One of the mysteries in Grandma Hanna’s treasure chest was a letter and a series of receipts from the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) for $600.00 (plus interest). Why is Abe paying the CPR? I wondered. I thought it was the CPR that purchased land from Abe. I looked at the date on one of the receipts: 1928. A notation on the receipt held the answer – Abe was purchasing land from the CPR.

In 1913, the CPR purchased Legal Subdivision 4 from Abe – a total of 40 acres on the southwest corner of Section 25 – to become part of the future townsite of Meyronne. The village didn’t grow as much as the CPR anticipated, so about three-quarters of the land was left undeveloped. Continue reading “The History of the Hanna Farm, Part 3”