Notes from the Isolation Ward, Day 1

We arrived home yesterday from Mexico via the USA, scampering northward as fast as we could before borders were completely shut. Soon after we walked in the house, a neighbour knocked on the door then backed half-way down the walk. She offered to get groceries, medication, anything we needed for us while we are in quarantine. How gracious and neighbourly of someone we barely know.

But there she was, keeping her “social distance,” standing at least 12 feet away from us. Well, there were two of us (2 x 6 = 12), so I guess that makes sense. I felt as if we were radiating some deadly “death ray,” which we may have been, seeing as how we had just returned from away.

“Social distancing” will take some getting used to.

As will being house-bound for the next two weeks.

Although maybe that’s not all bad. It’s still winter in Alberta. It’s snowing today, a high of -3 C (about 28F). Highways are treacherous — new-fallen snow over ice. In this case, perhaps quarantine is a bit of a silver lining.

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