Notes from the Isolation Ward, Day 9

Step Right Up, Folks. Getcher Snake Oil Here!

COVID-19 virus isn’t the only polluting thing going around. The internet is also polluted with a myriad of posts extolling the virtues of various snake oils. (Not sure what snake oil is? Check it out on the NPR site.)

Snake Oil #1: Tea. A social media post has gone viral that researchers from the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China found that, because of its chemical components, drinking tea could help prevent novel coronavirus infections. Now, I have to drink tea while chanting “O-o-o-o-o-o-h-m.” (See “Notes from the Isolation Ward, Day 4.“)

Snake Oil #2: Garlic. Well, this might have something going for it. Ever stand near someone who’s eaten raw garlic? If ever there were motivation to keep “social distance,” garlic is it! However, the garlic itself won’t prevent or cure anything.

Snake Oil #3: MMS. What’s that? you ask. It stands for “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” promoted by YouTuber Jordan Sather. The “Miracle” part should make you suspicious right away. In reality, it is chlorine dioxide, a bleaching agent. Your insides will be sparkling clean but do you really need sparkling clean insides?

Snake Oil #4: Silver Solution. Remember Jim Bakker, the tele-evangelist who went to prison for fraud? He’s at it again, selling “Silver Solution” for $40 (US) a pop. He has hedged his bets, though, saying it wasn’t tested on COVID-19 specifically, but hey, it killed other viruses. Dead. In their tracks. Or so he says. True, silver does have some limited anti-bacterial properties, but bacteria and viruses are two entirely different beasts.

And the list goes on. Take care. It’s a nasty world out there on the internet.

* * *

From “Our Bull’s Loose in Town!“, the Spanish Influenza (part 8):

It was only a couple of days later that Edith came crawling into our bedroom in the middle of the night complaining of aches and pains, then Bert started running a fever and crying and wailing. By mid-morning, I started feeling achy and miserable. At first I thought it was just plain tiredness and worrying over the children, but then I started to run a fever and knew I had the flu too. Abe told me to go to bed and rest.

By Sunday, Abe was so worried about us that he called Dr. Donnelly. The doctor said only that I was probably reacting to the inoculation, that I didn’t really have the flu. He was more worried about the children, they didn’t seem to be getting any better.

On Monday, Mr. Robinson came down with the flu and had to go to bed. That left Abe all on his own, doing all the work by himself as well as looking after us. I’m so glad Abe wasn’t like some men who refused to help with house chores. Eventually the children started feeling better and in a few days I was feeling well enough to help Abe with some of the chores.

By the end of that week, I decided that the children must be better. Edith and Bert had a squabble over a toy and I had to break it up before fists started flying. Usually they played together so well, they must be tired of being cooped up in the house, as we all are. And by Sunday, Mr. Robinson was feeling well enough to sit up in bed. We were so worried about him, for a while we thought we would lose him.

(To be concluded next week . . .)

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2 thoughts on “Notes from the Isolation Ward, Day 9

  1. This brings to mind a recent post on the community Facebook page where someone asked what essential oils would keep them from getting COVID-19, then got upset when everyone started making fun of them…


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