On Quilting

Chaos is let loose,
wholeness rent asunder
split into elemental fragments
nuons, quarks, flavours
Spewed into swirling maelstrom
a primal soup

a force emerges
moves within the chaos
element seeks element
in turn combine to molecules
that coalesce in infinite combinations

of complements and contrasts
of ordered patterns and designs

til what results is beauty
infused with love

#Quilting #Beauty #Love #Creativity #Poem #MargaretGHanna

4 thoughts on “On Quilting

    1. Thanks for letting me know I “got it.” My mother was a quilt-a-holic. I can’t remember the number of times I arrived to visit only to see the floor covered with fabric and blocks and scraps, and Mom in the midst of it all, having the time of her life. Housework? What’s that?


  1. I’m very nearly speechless. The way you look at a quilt and reimagine it as the chaos of elements seeking elements. Your writing is positively brilliant. I grew up in a fabric-filled household, watching my aunt sew my clothes and my mother sew and knit outfits for my dolls. Using the remaining scraps, my sister and I would stitch together crazy quilts for pillows or applique shapes we cut out to make little village scenes to stitch on the borders of a skirt. With sewing offering hours of endless fun, I share your mother’s views on housework.


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