Jack Frost

Jack Frost was busy last night. He wandered through our neighbourhood painting all the trees and bushes. He silvered leaves and branches, berries and grass, painting them with the lightest of touches – an edging here, a varnish there. He transformed the entire world into spun sugar.

When he was finished, he threw the remaining paint into the air where it froze into a gazillion crystal shards that glittered and danced in the bright January sunlight. Some shards went into orbit around the sun, and some of those orbiting crystals magically coalesced into four brilliant planets almost as bright as the sun itself.

And then he left.

Alas, he doesn’t seem to do windows these days, perhaps he’s getting too old. He used to cover them with lacy fern leaves, undecipherable runes, intriguing and mysterious treasure maps, and a host of other enigmatic designs. Such as shame he doesn’t do that anymore.

Fortunately, he still paints everything else. Thanks, Mr. Frost, for creating a magical winter wonderland.

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3 thoughts on “Jack Frost

  1. I, too, remember the days when Jack Frost painted ferns and “fern-ish” designs on our windows. Back during the snowy months of my childhood, my mother experimented on Jack’s ‘canvases’ with various cleaning products. She washed one window (on the outside) with Windex, another with a vinegar and water solution, and the third with water. In the morning, she looked to see if this made any difference in the ice flowers Jack painted. Amazingly, each window held a different, phenomenal ice painting. I don’t know why we don’t see ice flowers and ferns on the windows nowadays, but like you, I miss them.


    1. I think double-pane windows have foiled Jack Frost’s artistic talents. Our windows “back then” were the old-fashioned single-pane, single-hung style with storm windows added in an attempt to keep winter out. All the storms did was slow down the cold. Interesting that the different solutions produced different paintings. Wish I’d know that when I was young.


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