Saskatchewan: “Land of Living Skies.”

Montana: “Big Sky Country.”

When you live where there are no skyscrapers, no dense forests, no smog, no mountains to block your view; where the horizon is down around your ankles and always a day’s journey away; where, as the joke goes, you can see your dog running away for three days, THEN you notice the sky.

More accurately, you notice the clouds. A prairie sky is never naked. Cumulus clouds, giant galleons lumbering across the sky. Wispy mares’ tails signalling wind. A mackerel sky predicting a change in the weather.

Looming anvil-shaped thunderheads, growing ever larger and closer till they unleash a light and sound show that rattles the teeth in your head. Low black clouds scudding in, bringing nothing good.

After the storm, a rainbow, or a fiery sunset that bathes the entire world in a golden glow.

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4 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Lovely photos Margaret, clouds are one of those things one notices only when there’s nothing else to capture your eye. We live in the country too, a small village, and whenever I take landscape photos I always try hard to get the sky in the right proportion to the land, and also rarely take photos when there are no clouds at all. Quite a few years back my wife bought a small pocketbook on clouds and started to try and get her own photos of them, but it drove me nuts as we travelled lots and I was constantly being told “stop the car, stop the car” when she’d spotted something! It got worse when her fetish changed to photography of electricity pylons! You wouldn’t believe the different shapes and sizes around the world!

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  2. One of my most favourite things about living on the prairies – the wide open skies. I lived in Vancouver for just over a year and disliked for many reasons and one of them was how little sky you saw.


  3. Yes, we love our wide open spaces. Here’s a story: Years ago I visited my cousin who lives in Virginia. She asked me how I liked the countryside. I told her I would have a better view of it if they cut down all the trees. She laughed: “Spoken like a true prairie person!”

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