Dr. B.’s Camera Challenge #7: Bridges

I don’t normally photograph bridges because usually we’re driving somewhere and suddenly we’re onto and over the bridge before I even have a chance to pull out the camera. But occasionally, we’re walking, looking, just “being there,” and if a bridge happens to be part of the landscape, if there’s something about it that catches my eye, if it is different from the hundreds of other bridges we’ve driven over, well, then I get the camera going.

Some are incredible feats of engineering:

And some are just, well . . . different:

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11 thoughts on “Dr. B.’s Camera Challenge #7: Bridges

  1. At last a photo of somewhere I’ve been in the US, the bridge over the Colorado. We had a 3 weeks “across USA rail trip “ starting in San Francisco and ending in New York. We had side trips and the Hoover Dam was one of them. 👍👏


      1. About three years ago, “The Town” built a new neighborhood and the first thing they built was a cute covered bridge over a tiny, tiny, tiny creek that could have had a walking path to the neighborhood instead of a car and walking bridge. Well, it was a very good marketing tool, because immediately everyone wanted a home there because they loved all the trails and that bridge!

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  2. maristravels

    You have managed to get some unusual angles on your bridge shots which makes them stand out. I’ve enjoyed looking at all of them but especially liked the bridge near Wakefield.


    1. Thanks. They are rare in Canada, too. Of course, Ireland has so many things that Canada doesn’t have, so we’re even, I guess. By the way, I visited Ireland 17 years ago and had a blast! Stayed with friends in Dublin who took me to some wonderful places. Wish I could return.


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