Dr. B’s Camera Challenge #9: Kitchen “Stuff”

Oh, my goodness. Pick something from our kitchen? Our kitchen is full of stuff: pots and pans, labour-saving devices (both electric and manual), thing-a-ma-bobs, gadgets, do-dads, whachamacallits, things we use all the time, things we rarely use, things we never use but keep because, well, just because. Do I make it a “Guess what, folks?” or simply a “Show and Tell.”

I decided to do both. First, the “Show and Tell”

Something I use all the time — my beloved bec d’oiseau paring knife, beautiful sharp-as-a-razor carbon steel blade. Won’t trade it for anything!
Something we never use, but it’s so cute!

And now for the “Guess what, folks?”

Very few people recognize what this “thing” is used for. Here are some hints:

  • It is made of cast aluminum
  • It is about 70 years old (it was an “accessory” included with a set of WearEver cast aluminum pots and pans my mother had)
  • Of all the tools intended to do what this “thing” does — this is the best design ever (in my opinion).

#CameraChallenge9 #KitchenMystery #WhatIsIt #FavouriteKitchenTool #MargaretGHanna

P.S. An addendum to Dr. B’s Camera Challenge #7: Bridges — I finally found my photograph of the concrete bridge over Pinto Creek that flowed (when there was water in it) on the south side of my home town, Meyronne. The bridge was built in 1929 just before the Depression and the Dirty Thirties blew in. Eventually, farm machinery grew too huge to cross the bridge so it was torn down and replaced by a boring steel bridge over not-so-mighty Pinto Creek.

I have the dubious distinction of having walked on the concrete arch when I was about ten. Apparently, the boys were daring each other to do so and, while they were dithering about, I said, “Oh for heaven’s sakes” (or words to that effect) and walked it. The boys were impressed. My father was not.

11 thoughts on “Dr. B’s Camera Challenge #9: Kitchen “Stuff”

  1. Thanks Margaret, interesting story about the bridge. No photos of you on it? 😂 We have an ancient stone toll bridge in our village for traffic over the Thames, it needs repair every 5 years! Young folks still walk along the stone edge and jump into the river in the summer.
    My guess for your mystery gadget would be a press of some kind, not sure what for …. mashed potato maybe?


  2. Sounds like a lovely bridge. I hope there’s another way across the Thames when it undergoes repairs. As for the mystery gadget, you are close. It is a juice press — cut an orange/lemon/lime in half, lift the handle, put the cut side down on the grate, and squeeze the handle down. The juice flows into the bottom of the juicer. Works like a charm.


  3. paulandada

    Love the knife…..no wonder you use it every day. My curiosity got the best of me for the “guess what”….it must be a juicer? I had to look it up! Hope all is well with you and Roger, these days. A

    Sent from my iPad



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