My husband and I received our first COVID vaccine shot (Moderna) on Tuesday. I have never been so excited about getting a poke in the arm.

My husband has numerous pre-existing conditions, so this past year we have been exceedingly cautious. Some have called us “prisoners.” We’ve called ourselves “prudent.”

Our only regular outing has been to the grocery store, always at “Old Farts” hours (7:00 am to 8:00 am), and after we’ve put away the groceries, I’ve wiped down every surface we’ve touched (and any we thought we might have touched). When absolutely essential, we’ve visited the doctor and dentist. Even more rarely, we’ve ventured into hardware stores or the post office. We’ve ordered on-line to be delivered and ordered for curb-side pickup. We’ve quarantined mail and parcels for three days once we’ve brought them into the house. We’ve social-distanced, worn masks (long before our fair city decreed it obligatory), used hand sanitizer and wipes, and washed our hands till we thought the skin would fall off (or run out of soap, whichever came first).

But now! Now it feels as if we have left prison and are living in the half-way house. Freer, although not entirely free. We will still wear masks (we’re double-masking now that the “variants of concern” are running amok), we will still social-distance; we will still be careful about where we go and when we go there.

But now! Now, we can visit friends and relatives. Maybe I will work up the courage to venture into my favourite shopping venue – our local thrift store. And maybe get a real haircut and . . . .

We don’t know when we will receive our second Moderna shot. The Canadian government has royally screwed up the vaccine situation, leaving us dependent on the good graces of other countries. But we – my husband and I – are on our way.

Yay, freedom!

BUT that freedom has come at great cost. Over 22,250 people have died in Canada and millions around the world. “Long-haulers” continue to suffer COVID symptoms with no relief in sight. Front line workers suffer from exhaustion and burn-out, or PTSD, or worse still have died of COVID. Millions have lost jobs or businesses because of COVID. Millions are hungry or homeless because of COVID. Uncounted numbers have committed suicide because of COVID.

The moral of the pandemic is this: none of us will be free until everyone is free. So, don’t dilly-dally. Get that vaccine as soon as you can. Help us all be free.

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4 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Well said Margaret, your final sentence sums up exactly how my wife and I feel too. Your personal actions during the pandemic also exactly mirror our own, though we have been ordering our weekly grocery shop online and had phenomenal service from two of our major supermarkets. My wife has preconditions too and was placed in the vulnerable category. This was picked up by the supermarkets and from the beginning last February we were given guaranteed delivery slots every week, in fact as I write this our weekly delivery arrives here in an hour so I’d better get out of bed! Our government has done a fantastic job in funding vaccine research and manufacture, organising the rollout across the country, and enforcing lockdown and relaxing it based on real data. Yet all they get is constant criticism in the media plus spitefulness and more from the incompetent EU. We look forward to full freedom though, our whole retirement was planned around travel!


      1. Oops. Somehow that published. The rest was going to say that we must stay strong as the variants are going to swamp us in about 2 weeks. So it’s great that you got your first shot!


  2. It’s so refreshing to hear from someone else who has been prudent. We don’t have any pre existing conditions but it just felt right to do so. We have been to hardware stores and I’ve gotten my hair cut several times. I order for pick up when j can

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