Buy a Book? Or Help Ukraine?

BWL Publishing, the publisher of my book “Our Bull’s Loose in Town!” Tales from the Homestead, advised its authors that their books are for sale on Smashwords for half-price, this week only. I had planned a post that talked about the book that recounts my paternal grandparents’ story, but given what is happening in Ukraine these day, that seems rather frivolous.

So, if you want to buy the book, go ahead. But I would prefer you to donate to one of the several agencies who are helping the 1.5 million (and growing every day) people who are fleeing from the carnage that Russia is inflicting on Ukraine. Even if NATO thinks their hands are tied, ours are not. We may not be able to drive a tank or fly a plane or guide a missile or fire an AK47 but we can donate. We can help provide food, clothing, shelter and transportation and, through that, let Ukrainians know that we care. We care about them, we care about their country, we care about their future.

Those of us who have never known war, who have never known what it is like to endure ceaseless and terrifying bombardment, who have never had to leave a son, a father, a husband, a brother behind to fight knowing all the while we may never see him again, who have never had to flee leaving behind everything and everyone we know and love, who have never had to wonder if we could ever go home again, who have never had to wonder if “home” will even exist — we are so blessed, so fortunate, so unbearably lucky.

It’s time for us to repay that good fortune. Let us do what we can. Let us open our hearts and our pocketbooks. Let us tell Ukraine we have not abandoned them.

Here are some of the agencies you can donate to:

UN Refugee Agency

International Committee of the Red Cross

Book a home or apartment through AirBNB for a refugee family to live in.

Save the Children

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2 thoughts on “Buy a Book? Or Help Ukraine?

  1. I find it hard to blog as it seems so frivolous as you said. It’s much better to do something.
    As an aside I was reading Sharon Butala’s “Where I call Home” and thought oh I recognize that name as she was talking about archeologists.


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