The Hero

An iron fist came crashing down
sent darkness snaking ‘cross the ground.
Out of that darkness came a cry
from someone rising to defy.
Others rallied round the call
for freedom, peace and hope for all.

That flame will never die.

#Heros #CarrotRanchCowsinoNovemberChallenge #FreedomsCry #Peace #Churchill #Roosevelt #MartinLutherKingJr #NelsonMandela #MahatmaGanhi #VolodymyZelenskyy #MargaretGHanna

7 thoughts on “The Hero

    1. Yes, that’s my little creation. It’s my response to the Carrot Ranch “Cowsino” challenge, to write a little story of exactly seven sentences (in this case, seven lines) inspired by three randomly chosen images (in this case, a raised clenched fist, a caped superhero, and someone bounding up stairs). Given those images, how could I not think of the individuals who rallied people to a cause as well as those who responded?

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