Saskatchewan: “Land of Living Skies.”

Montana: “Big Sky Country.”

When you live where there are no skyscrapers, no dense forests, no smog, no mountains to block your view; where the horizon is down around your ankles and always a day’s journey away; where, as the joke goes, you can see your dog running away for three days, THEN you notice the sky.

More accurately, you notice the clouds. A prairie sky is never naked. Cumulus clouds, giant galleons lumbering across the sky. Wispy mares’ tails signalling wind. A mackerel sky predicting a change in the weather.

Looming anvil-shaped thunderheads, growing ever larger and closer till they unleash a light and sound show that rattles the teeth in your head. Low black clouds scudding in, bringing nothing good.

After the storm, a rainbow, or a fiery sunset that bathes the entire world in a golden glow.

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