February — Bah, Humbug!

Question: Why does the shortest month of the year seem the longest?

Answer: Because . . .

  • We’ve already endured three months of winter.
  • We’re tired of cold and snow and short days and long nights, and guess what? We have at least two more months of cold and snow and short days and long nights to go.
  • We know March will come in like a lion. Just what we need — another blizzard and more snow to shovel.
  • Our snow shovel is wearing out and the snowbanks are shoulder-high.
  • We’re feeling guilty because we’ve strayed from our well-intention New Year’s resolutions.
  • We’re sick of living in a monochromatic world of grey and brown and white.
  • We’re tired of putting on hatscoatsscarvesglovesboots every time we go out, even if it’s just to take out the garbage.

But take heart, dear reader. All is not lost. February also brings us:

  • February 12, Lunar New Year: Wear something outrageously red (an auspicious colour).
  • February 14, Valentine’s Day: give someone you love a hug and a big smooch. You both will feel a lot better.
  • February 16, Mardi Gras: Dress up in a crazy costume and dance through the house like no one is looking.
  • February 18, National Drink Wine Day: Red wine is good for you (hic!).
  • February 22, National Margarita Day: Put on some mariachi music, turn up the thermostat and go for it.
  • February 28, National Chocolate Souffle Day: Dark chocolate is good for you, too, especially when served with red wine (see February 18).

Hang in there, dear reader. February, too, will pass. Spring will come. And soon we’ll be complaining about having to mow the lawn. Again!

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