Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera #6: Color Splash

This was a challenge for a couple of reasons:

  • I had to find and download the program and then figure out how to use it (that wasn’t too hard).
  • I had to find suitable photographs. Sometimes, what I thought would be a suitable image, just didn’t look “right” when I had finished playing with it.

Here are my “color splashed” images from both close to home and far away:

#ChallengeYourCamera #ColorSplash #MargaretGHanna

11 thoughts on “Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera #6: Color Splash

  1. Thank you Margaret, well done, well risen to the challenge. I like the one with you in it the best! You’re right about the two reasons regarding the challenge, but the one that stays with you is in finding the right image. I’m doing an extra post on this topic on Tuesday so look out for it! What I will emphasis is that this technique “trains your eye” even before you take a photo, so practice with this technique and your general photos will improve too! 👍🙏🙏


  2. By the way, I just had to refollow you again ….. I keep losing people I’ve followed for a long time which is a stupid glitch in WordPress again. It’s a good job you posted the link in comments in my own blog or I’d have missed you.


    1. I used Color Splash, there’s a version for Windows. I don’t use a tablet and my cell phone is so ancient I call it “semi-educated” (somewhere in capabilities between an old flip-phone and a modern smartphone).


      1. Margaret YOU KILL ME with the description of your phone! I am so jealous of your splash photos! I take all my photos on my phone now……I got too old and too lazy to carry a camera and when I went to classes to learn how to use the camera my eyes and ears just glazed over! So I had to move on!


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