2 thoughts on “Dr. B.’s Camera Challenge #11: Still Life

  1. Well done Margaret, the staged image is the better one, AND also the best one in the challenge this week. Here’s why: clear and clean base and background, nothing extraneous distracting us from the main subject matter, a well organised set of elements that go well together. It’s close to looking like a painting because of these things, which is how still life originated. If you wanted to possibly improve it you could take the same shot but with the camera lower down, level almost with the content so you are not taking it looking down. It may or may not improve it, you’d have to try it and judge. However 👏👏👏


    1. Thank you, Dr. B. It took several days of thinking about it, a half-hour of clearing everything off my desk and the wall behind, another half-hour of arranging and re-arranging, and another half-hour putting everything back so I could get the photos on-line. I did take a photo at a lower angle and didn’t like it as much, but then what one person likes, another person doesn’t.

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